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PWC first to publish report on Black, Asian and minority-ethnic pay and bonus pay gaps

By September 20, 2017June 28th, 2021Employment, For Business

PwC UK pays Blacks, Asians and ethnic minorities 13% less than white colleagues, admits firm

PWC has become one of the first companies to publish details of its Black, Asian and minority-ethnic (BAME) pay and bonus pay gaps. According to the report PWC has a 12.8% pay gap and a 35.4% bonus pay gap. PWC has put the gaps down to a lack of BAME employees in senior higher paid roles which it is looking to address by improving retention & progression rates. They have stressed however that they do pay their BAME and non-BAME employees the same for equivalent roles.At present there is no obligation on employers to disclose details of their pay and bonus pay gaps for BAME employees. Large employers are however required to publish annual reports confirming the mean and median gender pay and bonus pay gaps along with details of the proportion of men and women receiving a bonus and the proportion of men and women in four salary quartiles following the introduction of the gender pay gap regulations in April 2017.PWC’s decision to publish these statistics will no doubt put pressure on other large employers to follow suit as it attempts to “shine the spotlight on ethnicity in the workplace”. This is a bold aim and is one to be welcomed. We will have to wait and see how other businesses and ultimately the government respond to this move.  

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