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Road Traffic Accidents

Every week in the UK we do millions of miles of driving on the roads, and unfortunately, they continue to get busier and more crowded.

As a result, the numbers of people involved in road traffic accidents (“RTA’s”) continues to be high.

Fortunately, because of modern crash safety technology, the number of drivers and passengers seriously injured and killed on our roads is falling. But the number of minor bumps where you have suffered both the inconvenience of having to sort your car repairs out and possibly suffered injuries as a result, is still an everyday occurrence.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is a phrase often used by people involved in accidents, and refers to a “soft tissue injury” where those muscles and tendons in your upper back and neck have been stretched or strained. This is normally caused by the sudden acceleration and deceleration caused by a vehicle. Your body, which is seated and strapped in, shoots forward or stops abruptly and it takes your head, which isn’t secured, a couple of short moments to catch up. 

In many cases, whiplash is only minor and can be fully recovered from within a few months. However, in some cases where the car’s impact is more severe or totally unexpected, the results can be more long lasting.

The important thing to note is that compensation is based on the length of time it takes to make a full recovery. If you are suffering with intermittent residual pain for more than a period of four weeks, then you need to seek the advice of a personal injury expert. 

Your claim can also include other losses – vehicle repairs, cost of recovery and storage of your damaged vehicle, wage loss claims, private medical treatment bills, and the cost of you having to use a credit hire car whilst yours is off the road. Rest assured our experienced team will advise you of your rights and the losses you can claim. 

At Glaisyers solicitors we are experts in dealing with both minor claims: where you want a swift resolution of your claim and quick payment of compensation, or the more serious claims: where there are long term consequences to the injuries you sustain.

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Minor Accidents & Claims by Vulnerable Road Users

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