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Personal Litigation

Inheritance Disputes
Property Disputes

Protecting your interests during disputes.

From time to time, we all end up in one dispute or another. Most of the time these disagreements can be resolved amicably but, in some cases, resolution can only be reached with legal intervention.

If you’re facing a dispute where resolution looks unlikely, it is essential to seek expert advice from an experienced litigation solicitor. Our extensive litigation experience allows us to quickly identify how likely your case is to be successful and what the best cause of action is.

We’ll deal with all the awkward parts of the dispute, including dealing with the other party and working towards a settlement. That way, you can rest assured that you’re doing everything you can to resolve the disagreement as simply as possible

Throughout your case, our solicitors will provide you with legal advice that is easy to understand so you can make informed decisions that you’re confident in.

If you’re facing a dispute it is essential to seek expert advice.