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Labour’s Proposal to Extend Equal Pay to BAME and Disabled Employees

By February 27, 2024Employment

The Labour Party’s draft bill proposes extending equal pay rights to black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) as well as disabled employees. 

While this proposed bill marks a notable step forward in the realm of workplace equality, BAME employees who are discriminated against already have the option to claim against an employer in a race discrimination claim. While there may be legal distinctions between a discrimination claim and an equal pay claim, in the majority of cases, both avenues offer comparable prospects for success. The proposed changes would, however, offer a more direct route for BAME employees to address discrimination relating to pay within the workplace, as well as making BAME employees more aware of their right to claim.

These proposed developments underscore the government’s commitment to implementing tougher and more stringent measures to support employees and ensure fairness across all demographics. For employers, it serves as a crucial reminder to review existing practices and policies to ensure compliance and fairness in remuneration structures.

We are well-prepared to assist employers in understanding and adapting to changes such as these, and can help in the event a claim is issued against them. Please contact our employment team if you would like any advice surrounding this issue, or any other employment issue you may have.

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