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How BSI\’s new EDI standard takes a step forward in helping employers ‘prioritise people.’ 

By July 26, 2023Employment

On the 20th of June, the BSI (British Standard Institution) released a new standard – PAS 1948:2023 – for employers which provides guidance for good practice on valuing their employers through diversity and inclusion. 

The standard was designed for individuals across an organisation from executive leaders to employees, with practical guidance on how to effectively develop and implement the EDI framework, as well as recommendations for reviewing, assessing, and undertaking a competent and principled approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

The standard was suggested by the BSI to be used for a guide to practically implement other standards as well, such as: HR management- Diversity and Inclusion, Psychological health and safety at work, and HR valuing people- management system.  

The standard takes into account the size and resources of organisations and has been developed to be practical and approachable. It is the organisation’s responsibility to implement it effectively – ensuring adherence throughout businesses.  

The guide doesn’t cover local, national, or international employment or law regulation, but includes the principles, standards and statements issued by organisations, research institutes, government agencies and other bodies.  

The guide is intended to be a “real-world” guide to help organisations implement EDI frameworks and continuously improve them.   

It has been reported that the standard is likely to benefit many individuals, as half the population works for an SME and is therefore unlikely to work for an organisation with the resources to employ a specialist in EDI.  Therefore, adherence to the standard is likely to improve basic minimum standards for most workers.  

The standard outlines the importance of understanding and implementing concepts like diversity of thought and dimension, intercultural competence, and cognitive diversity. It also reflects the belief that recognising and respecting the value of people is beyond minimum rights stated in the law has long-time personal, organisational, and societal benefits.  

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