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The Secret Court

By December 1, 2016January 29th, 2021For Business

A former MP has urged more journalists to provide “more transparency and scrutiny” by covering Court of Protection hearings.

John Hemming, who campaigns for improvements in the family justice system, has made the plea after a miscarriage of justice which saw the court sentence a grandmother to six months in prison.

The so called secret court, or to give it the correct title the Court of Protection, often closes its doors to the public to protect the vulnerable individuals involved. In this particular case I am not convinced the press or the public being there would have made any difference. A bigger issue is how vulnerable adults and those under a disability where a deputy is appointed, can be open to financial abuse. Often, lay deputies do not appreciate their obligations and the need to keep monies separate from their own and not to treat it as their own money or money then can borrow.As more people are lacking capacity the likelihood is this may become a bigger issue.

Nick Johnson

Author Nick Johnson

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