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7 June 2013


Isn’t it odd? – blog by Michael Charlesworth

Posted by: Tom Simpson

Isn’t it odd that the government continue to press for huge cuts in the criminal legal aid budget to try and save around £200 million, a figure they regard as huge, yet a government spokesman dismisses Labours proposals to stop winter fuel allowances for wealthy pensioners as the savings of £ 100million are a “drop in the ocean” and presumably not worth making.

What with 80 court closures proposed we soon will not have a local court system in this country and only the wealthy will be able to afford representation. How can the Tories moan when they are called “the nasty party”? The proposal to deny the right to choose your own solicitor runs contrary to government policy. Oliver Letwin the minister for government policy stated “in a mature democracy such as ours, people must be given the right to choose the services they want and who to provide them”. Do they know the meaning of hypocrisy?


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