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Development Hampered by Recruitment Issues

By April 15, 2016January 29th, 2021For Business

Administrators from Bridgestones have been appointed to Warrington-based PHD1 Construction, a month after the contractor was sacked from three schemes in Manchester and Liverpool by Pinnacle Group.

It’s bad news for PHD1 Construction, who were working with Pinnacle Group on their major developments in Liverpool and Manchester. Details of the fallout are a little sketchy, but it is clear that Pinnacle were less than impressed with the progress PHD1 were providing.Nobody in the development sector will be unfamiliar with delays in construction, but the vacuum of suitably trained construction workers in the UK (caused by a long recession’s worth of undertraining) will continue to play havoc with deadlines.Let’s hope that the mini-boom we are experiencing at the moment is not hampered by the construction industry’s inability to recruit!

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