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Civil Justice Council Review of Solicitor’s Guideline Hourly Rates (‘GHR’)

By January 27, 2021Costs, For Business

Unlike many things that have changed during the passage of time, Solicitors’ hourly charging rates have remained untouched since last set in 2010. Now, over 10 years later, the Civil Justice Council have published the long awaited interim report on whether Guideline Hourly Rates should be increased.

Amongst other things, the report includes a recommendation that hourly rates be increased by inflation every year. Proposed increases in the GHR range from 7% to nearly 35%, dependent on locality and Grade of fee earner. The current GHR and recommended increases can be found below.

The recommendations have now gone out for consultation until 31st March 2021, with a view to the final report being submitted to the Master of the Rolls in June 2021.

The full report can be read here.

Current Guideline Hourly Rates (2010)

 Grade AGrade BGrade CGrade D
London 1£409£296£226£138
London 2£317£242£196£126
London 3£229 – £267£172-229£165£121
National 1£217£192£161£118
National 2£201£177£146£111

Recommended Guideline Hourly Rates (2021)

 Grade AGrade BGrade CGrade D
London 1£512 (25.2%)£348 (17.6%)£270 (19.5%)£186 (34.8%)
London 2£373 (17.8%)£289 (19.5%)£244 (25%)£139 (10.4%)
London 3£282 (13.7%)£232 (15.8%)£185 (11.9%)£129 (7%)
National 1£261 (20.2%)£218 (13.5%)£178 (10.7%)£126 (6.8%)
National 2£255 (26.78%)£218 (23.2%)£177 (21.3%)£126 (13.5%)
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