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What are the benefits to SMEs of having a trusted solicitor on hand?

By August 3, 2017January 29th, 2021For Business

For small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), having an in-house team of legal experts and advisors on hand to guide through whenever issues arise isn’t always a cost-effective option. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be without that all important safety blanket for when a legal issue arises.

Many SMEs strike up a relationship with an independent firm of solicitors whose advice can be trusted and called upon at important moments, saving them money in long-run.

Here’s a look at some of the key benefits of having a quality solicitors firm you can trust on hand as an SME.

Peace of mind

Operating a successful SME is never likely to be easy regardless of the industry you’re in or what the aims are for your organisation. Therefore, there will always be plenty to focus on and no shortage of strategic matters and day-to-day issues to attend to as an SME boss.

Having a good relationship with a firm of solicitors means that an SME and its leadership team in particular can be confident that they’re well placed to deal with any legal issues that might come along. This in turn means that company directors and managers can remain focussed on doing what they do best rather than concerning themselves with potential legal wrangling or the details of specific legislation.

Knowledge and experience

Perhaps the most fundamental reason why it can be so beneficial for an SME to have a working relationship and a good understand with a solicitors firm is the knowledge and expertise that they can bring to bear.
A quality solicitors firm which gears its services specifically towards meeting the needs of SMEs will always have a wealth of relevant expertise and experience to draw upon in the interest of its clients. This knowledge can be absolutely invaluable in any number of different scenarios for small and medium-sized enterprises in any sector.

Cost savings

Another good reason to work closely with a quality firm of solicitors is that doing so could save your business considerable sums of money. A lot of what solicitors firms are able to do for their clients is help them avoid unnecessary costs and liabilities. Indeed, they are exceptionally well positioned to do so.

So, while it may sometimes seem in the short term as if working with a firm of SME-specialist solicitors could be an unnecessary expense, in the longer term it is very likely to prove cost-effective.

An extra edge

Every business is unique and the best solicitors understand that very clearly and they work consistently to help ensure that their clients get all the advice and support they need from a legal perspective.

In the end, all of these issues boil down to competitiveness, and working with high calibre legal experts is always likely to make any SME more competitive and better able to maintain positive progress as they rise to the challenges of operating in their particular industry.

Nick Johnson

Author Nick Johnson

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