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BBC Woman’s Hour – Inheritance feature

By March 31, 2016January 29th, 2021For Business

It’s sometimes said that Where There’s a Will… there’s a family row just round the corner. So how do you avoid pain and arguments over inheritance? As as family structures become more complicated is the scope for pain and conflict increased? Jane speaks to two women whose situations illustrate the emotional complexity of will writing.

BBC Radio 4 featured several programmes yesterday focusing on wills and inheritance issues. Woman’s hour featured a section on the emotional impact of being left out of an inheritance.Unfortunately, family tensions can lead to relatives being ‘cut out’ of a will.  This programme highlighted the importance of making a will, some of the difficulties you can face if you discover you have not been included as a beneficiary, or the challenges your estate might be open to if you don’t provide for members of your family.

Chris Burrows

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