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Are you ready for Black Friday?

By November 24, 2016January 29th, 2021For Business

This year, there is likely to be more of a sense of going, going, gone on the high street’s hottest deals, because retailers across the board are signalling that the weakness of sterling will push up prices in 2017.

The Black Friday bonanza sales day is only a day away – as a celebration to the US Thanksgiving – but this year, many retailers e.g. Amazon, Tesco’s, and Argos already have some of their best Black Friday deals on offer. Black Friday always used to be a one-day affair when the nation sat back in horror and amusement as punch-ups over knockdown TVs made news headlines, but someone, somewhere (we’re not sure who) appears to have re-written the rule book.  Now, almost everyone is getting in on the act early. This year, Amazon was the first horse out of the box launching Black Friday deals daily from November 14. Morrisons followed suit, tempting shoppers with bargains on prosecco, wine and beer. eBay then jumped on the bandwagon, as did Argos, Boots, Tesco and Carphone Warehouse, to name but a few. Here are some of the best deals: you get caught up in the online bonanza, here’s a summary of your rights when buying online:Your right to cancel an order for goods made at a distance starts when you receive the goods and lasts for 14 daysYour right to cancel a service made at a distance starts the moment you enter into the contract and lasts 14 daysIf you want to download digital content within the 14 day cancellation period you must agree to waive your cancellation rights Companies are not allowed to charge you for items they put in your online shopping basket or that you have bought as a result of a pre-ticked box

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