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Wigan has some of the highest rates of financial abuse

By January 25, 2017January 29th, 2021Litigation

Scores of Wigan pensioners are falling prey to vile scams to rob them of their savings, it was claimed today.

And figures from Action on Elder Abuse say that this borough’s OAPs are more at risk from telephone and computer fraudsters and bogus officials than anywhere else in Greater Manchester.

Data suggests that as many as 2,586 older people in Greater Manchester may currently be experiencing this form of crime including fraud, forgery or embezzlement; the misuse of proxy decision making powers; “doorstep crime” such as bogus tradesmen and postal, phone or internet scams.

According to Action on Elder Abuse figures, there are 356 over-65s at risk from financial abuse – a number higher than anywhere else in the Manchester city region.

Studies have shown that Wigan has a higher than average number of victims experiencing financial abuse.When people think about financial abuse of the vulnerable, thoughts go to misselling or fraud by unscrupulous individuals. However, the reality is that financial abuse often happens at the hands of trusted friends, family member and carers.  Financial abuse can take many forms. In its most obvious form it is the theft of monies but it can also be expenditure of monies not in the best interest of the disabled, or the mixing of monies with the monies of family/friends/carers or the making of unauthorised gifts to name a few.  If you are concerned that someone you know may be being financially abused please get in touch.  Steps can be taken to stop the abuse and try to recover monies and/or assets which have been taken.

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