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Investing in you

Glaisyers ETL Internal Training Programme 2024

We’re offering professional training courses that are designed and delivered by experienced practitioners to give lawyers a leading edge. Our tailored in-house training provides the highest quality, standards, and expertise, which means you will receive the most from your personal investment in training.

“We believe in supporting the continuous development of our people to enable them to achieve their full potential recognising that developing our people plays a vital role in enhancing job satisfaction and delivering continued excellence to our clients and in all aspects of our work.”

Training 2024

21 February
Networking & Currency | 12-1pm
David Jones
28 February
Brand and House style training | 12-1pm
Danny Fitzgerald
13 March
Questions you May be asked about wills and probate | 12-1pm
20 March
Fixed recoverable costs regime training | 12-1pm
Mike Fletcher
27 March
Cyber Security Training | 12-1pm
10 April
Quarterly Risk Update including Data Protection and Cyber Security | 12-1pm
15 May
Code of Conduct Training | 12-1pm
Mike Fletcher
12 June
Effective writing skills
Chris Burrows
26 June
Cyber Security Training | 12-1pm
10 July
Quarterly Risk Update | 9:00 am
11 September
Introduction to IP | 12 - 1pm
Steve Kuncewicz
18 September
Cyber Security Training | 12-1pm
9 October
Introduction to Defamation | 12 - 1pm
Steve Kuncewicz
16 October
Quarterly Risk Update | 9 am
6 November
Introduction to Advertising Law | 12-1pm
Steve Kuncewicz

Wellbeing  2024

6 March
All About Menopause | 12 - 1:30 pm
24 April
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Includes Everyone – Valuing our Differences
Holly Edwards from BelongHR
1 May
Moving from Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion for all | 12-13:30
22 May
Conscious Inclusion for Hiring Managers | 12-13:30 pm
5 June
Reset your Mindset | 12-13:00 pm
19 June
Imposter Syndrome | 12:00 – 13:00 pm
19 November
Making a positive difference to men’s health & wellbeing in support of International Men’s Day! | 12:00 – 13:00

We're building a learning culture for our employees.

At Glaisyers ETL we offer a self-paced learning environment for all our employees.

How do I book a training session?

Simply select a course from our programme detailed above, and we will deliver this course to you live in-house or online. You will receive an email confirmation once your booking has been successful.

What are my obligations in relation to training?

If you are a Fee Earner please see the section below on Continuing Competence

Continuing Competence

From 1 November 2016, the SRA moved away from 16 hours CPD per year to all Solicitors being required to undertake continuing competence as per SRA guidance. Solicitors are now required to reflect on the quality of their practice and identify any learning and development needs. You can then address these needs to make sure your knowledge and skills are up to date and that you are competent to practice. Further guidance on this can be found at

Please use the following form to log any development [insert link] It is each FE’s responsibility to complete their own development plan and these will be needed to be submitted to [name] by [date] in order for a practice certificate to be obtained.

Why am I being asked to attend a course if I am not a Fee Earner?

The SRA dictates that some compliance training is mandatory for all colleagues in a law firm. We will also hold some Glaisyers sessions which we feel everyone will find useful.

The benefits
  • The training will be both interactive and engaging throughout.
  • The training option provides you with the flexibility to avoid peak times of activity in the week, month, and/or year
  • You can select from a wide selection of courses to meet your needs.
  • We issue post-course questionnaires to ensure the training met your expectations.

Optional Training Resources.

Optional training sessions can be run as individual or group sessions and can cover a range of practice areas/topics or focus on a specific area of law.

Please contact if you require additional support.

Legal resource


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