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The latest insights from the experts at Glaisyers Solicitors

By May 30, 2017January 29th, 2021Thought Leadership

Welcome to the May 2017 round-up from our experts and thought leaders here at Glaisyers Solicitors, with the latest news and unique insights from across the team.

Jackson wary of fixed costs – James Parr

Jackson LJ’s latest position on the proposed extension of fixed costs is surprising, given the fact that it scarcely seems that long since his initial suggestion that fixed costs should be extended across the broad spectrum of Multi-Track… Read more.

Progress for families of missing persons – Chris Burrows

The Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act 2017 has received Royal Assent, bringing the families of missing persons one step closer to achieving control over the missing person’s financial affairs.The Act which is expected to come into force in 2018… Read more.

Stage 1 Costs and the ‘£400 Club’ – James Parr

In a rare piece of good news for Claimant personal injury lawyers, the Court of Appeal in J C and A Solicitors Ltd v Andeen Iqbal & Another [2017] EWCA Civ 355 ruled there was no pre-action protocol or the Civil Procedure Rules for repayment of… Read more.

More uncertainty for Moorside nuclear power plant – Hannah Robinson

More uncertainty has dogged the plans for the construction of the Moorside power plant in Cumbria as National Grid have announced they are “pausing” their construction plans which would carry out the necessary infrastructure work while Toshiba… Read more.

Precedent R discussion reports – A useful Precedent or procedural hoop? – Nick Mercer

By now, parties engaging in Civil Litigation should be familiar with Precedent H Costs Budgets and, more recently, preparation of Precedent R discussion reports. If utilised correctly, Precedent H together with Precedent R can be a somewhat… Read more

Proposals to double the length of paid paternity leave – will it make any difference? – Sarah Scholfield

The Liberal Democrats have announced plans to double working fathers’ entitlement to paid paternity leave from 2 weeks to 4 weeks ahead of the general election next month. According to the Liberal Democrat’s, an increase in paid paternity leave… Read more

Fixed fees and the access to justice debate – Michael Fletcher

John Hyde of the Gazette makes valuable points. Addressing the NHS legal spend should not be done at the expense of genuine Claimants who may be unable to find lawyers willing to act under a fixed fee regime; or more likely will have to suffer a… Read more.

The Costs of Moving and Financial assistance from Relatives – Cameron Bishop

When buying a house (particularly those looking to buy a house for the first time) it is worth factoring in all the actual and potential costs before embarking on probably the greatest financial outlay a buyer will make in his or her… Read more.

Brexit negotiations risk derailing nuclear industry – Hannah Robinson

Opinion is divided as to whether Brexit should also mean the loss of European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM) membership. As the government’s rhetoric edges towards harder and harder Brexit, EURATOM membership looks increasingly under threat…. Read more.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting website now live – Sarah Scholfield

The Government website on which gender pay gap reports have to be published has now gone live. To date, five employers have published their reports. Perhaps unsurprisingly when you take a closer look at those reports they reveal remarkably small,… Read more.

Probate fee increase rushed through ahead of general election – Chris Burrows

A controversial hike in probate fees has been rushed through the House of Commons as part of the legislative scramble before the general election. Only weeks ago a Commons committee warned that the Justice Secretary does not have the power to… Read more.

Protecting the Elderly – Nick Johnson

The elderly and their families need to be careful when taking steps to dispose of assets to avoid claims by Local Authorities for care.There is no simple answer, whether legally or what is in the best interest of the elderly parent. Always air on… Read more.

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