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Stuck in a Lease or Wanting to Move Premises? Look at our Handy Guide to Assess Options. – By Ray Arnall

By November 27, 2013August 30th, 2017Firm news

Leasehold MOT and Health Check.

As part of our service for clients, we are offering a free MOT and Health check on your lease of your office or warehouse premises. This would essentially be a quick review of your lease to check up and review the lease basics such as:-

  • Length of the term and when the lease comes to an end.
  • Are there any break options and what are the conditions.
  • Obligations for repair.
  • Obligations to redecorate.
  • Is the lease included within the protection of the Landlord and Tenant Act.
  • How much notice do you have to give at the end of the term if you wish to vacate.
  • Do you have the right to renew the lease.
  • Is there a rent review and when would this apply.

For more information about terminating a lease, read more details here or contact a member of our Commercial Property Team.

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