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Having Trouble Collecting Your Aged Debts? – By Leigh Sunter

By November 27, 2013August 30th, 2017Firm news

In these challenging economic times it is critical that collection of your outstanding debts is managed efficiently to assist your cashflow.

If you are having difficulty getting your invoices paid then why not try our debt collection team? We have an experienced debt recovery team who can manage the recovery of your debts from the initial stages of sending the pre-action letter through to enforcement. We can also monitor payment plans pre or post issue of court proceedings.

We offer a personal approach and pride ourselves on getting to know your business so we can provide a service tailored to suit your needs with a view to achieving a recovery in the most cost-effective manner.

Typically we recover most debts after the initial letter.

One Glaisyers client was having trouble collecting a particular debt and contacted our debt recovery team. The SLR Group, an IT specialist recruitment company based in Manchester, were owed £10,800 by another company. They had pretty much written off the debt after having chased it for many months but with no luck. Within three weeks of instructing Glaisyers the debt was paid in full which they are very happy about.

Dean Fieldhouse comments “ We had chased this particular customer for payment on numerous occasions but our calls and emails were ignored. We thought we were going to have to write off the debt but after instructing Glaisyers’ debt recovery team the debt was paid in full within three weeks together with our costs which we are delighted about.”

So why not try us to recover your outstanding debts?

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