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23 May 2013


If you think lawyers? – blog by Mike Charlesworth

Posted by: Mike Charlesworth

If you think lawyers can only talk about complicated legal matters such as ” incorporeal heraditaments” and have no sense of humour, think again! We are different and normal. Have a look at some of our blogs.

Do you know any good lawyer jokes? We will give you a bottle of wine for the funniest received. Here’s mine:

Did you know that in the USA lawyers are now being used in medical research and experiments in place of rats. There are 2 reasons for this; firstly lawyers are more plentiful there than rats and secondly you don’t become quite as attached to a lawyer!!


Mike is a senior solicitor at Glaisyers and specialises in all aspects of residential and commercial property, landlord and tenant matters and property development. Mike is well respected in his field of work and has a client base spanning Manchester, the North West and London.

Mike Charlesworth - Senior Solicitor

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