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Tripping Claims

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Helping you get back on your feet

Tripping in a public place can cause more than mild embarrassment. In many instances, these incidents can cause a distressing amount of personal injury. This is why you need to get in touch with an experienced solicitor who can help with all manners of slip and trip claims.


A slip, trip or fall can happen anywhere and for a number of different reasons. A spillage on a slippery floor, a damaged pavement and even a missing drain cover can result in you seriously injuring yourself. Therefore, if you have injured yourself in a public place, it is important to contact a solicitor immediately to handle your slip and trip claims.


We understand that you will want to put any ordeal behind you as quickly as possible, which is why the Glaisyers team do their very best to ensure a speedy resolution.

Our Tripping Claims Services

Personal injury claims can be difficult to negotiate as the party at fault may argue they are not liable for your injuries. To take away as much stress as possible from you, our solicitors will:


Why Choose Glaisyers?

Slip and trip claims can put a significant amount of strain on your shoulders. Not only do you have to deal with the physical pain, but tripping in public can cause embarrassment, emotional trauma, and if the defendant challenges your claim, it could seriously affect your wellbeing.


At Glaisyers, our aim to limit the possibility of any of that happening. In many cases, we have helped our clients receive the compensation they are owed without them having to set foot in a courtroom.


Our solicitors have