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Photography Styles

For a clean and natural indoor shot, we recommend the two styles showcased below. Captured in the main Glaisyers reception area with ample natural light, these approaches will ensure consistent and timeless team images. We also advise opting for soft colours and avoiding patterned garments to achieve a professional and polished headshot.

Three-quarter shot

Reception area

Half-body shot

Reception area

Other Styles

The images showcased below highlight how the background’s consistency is affected by fluctuations in natural light. In such cases the background may appear noisy, prompting the need for supplementary lighting equipment to maintain clarity and coherence in the image. The consistency of window shots can also be greatly influenced by weather conditions.

Hardman Reception 1

Variations in background pattern and colour due to differing levels of natural light.

Window Shot 1

Variations in the background due to changing weather conditions.

Window Shot 2

Excessive background noise can divert attention away from the individual.

Hardman Reception 2

The presence of dark clothing against a dark background can adversely affect the image quality.

Atrium Shot

Capturing consistency may be challenging as we lack control over background elements.

Artwork Shot

The varying heights of individuals in relation to the wall could introduce inconsistency against the artwork.