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Lease Extensions

Helping to extend the lease on your leasehold property. 

One major drawback of owning a property on a long lease is that the value of the property decreases the closer it gets to the end of the lease.

It can also make the property increasingly more difficult to sell if there’s only a limited time left on it. Our solicitors’ experience can help you through the process and negotiate the appropriate terms for the lease extension.

While in most cases there shouldn’t be an issue, encountering problems with your application can result in a drawn-out process between you and the landlord. Having a solicitor with experience in lease extensions by your side will mitigate the possibility of your application being rejected and will provide expert guidance in the event that it is.

The team at Glaisyers has aided many people with their lease extensions. From liaising with landlords, their solicitors and lenders, we aim to take away as much hassle from you as possible. We understand that this can be a complex process, so if there’s anything you’re unclear on, such as how much you should be paying to have the lease extended or why you’re not automatically eligible, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

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Our Lease Extension Services

The solicitors have extensive experience and we can help you with the following aspects:

  • Checking eligibility
  • Starting the extension process
  • Giving statutory notice
  • Drafting a Deed of Variation in conjunction with the landlord’s solicitor
  • Liaising with your financial lender