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Catastrophic brain and spinal injuries.

The impact of a more serious accident can be devastating for you and your family.

We understand recovery is your number one priority and the need to go “above and beyond” when you are involved in a serious accident that has long term consequences.

We are specialists in reviewing and assessing an accident victim’s immediate, short-term and long term needs, which often include complex future financial loss claims and including claims for future medical treatment.

Throughout the process, Glaisyers handled my claim with great diligence and provided sound advice from start to finish. Amber was extremely friendly and courteous, and nothing was too much trouble – Her settlement estimation was accurate and met my expectations. I certainly will have no hesitation in recommending Amber’s services in the future to people I know.


Immediate Needs Assessment – the Rehabilitation Code of Conduct.

The Rehabilitation Code of Conduct exists to promote early medical interventions when people are involved in serious accidents to try and ensure the best possible chances of a full recovery from their injuries. The Code encourages insurers to fund rehabilitation services even whilst their investigations into liability are still underway.

Glaisyers will seek an Immediate Needs Assessment, by a medically trained rehabilitation case manager. Pressing for this early intervention promotes the best possible recovery from the injuries: the earlier that intervention starts, the better chance you have of returning back to your “pre-accident level of fitness”.

Your financial worries taken care of.

One of the biggest worries after suffering a serious injury is continuing to pay the bills if you’re not working. For that reason Glaisyers will look to secure a swift interim payment to ensure that you can continue to meet living expenses. In addition, we are able to claim for the cost of nursing care or compensate you for any family members who have had to give up their time to look after you in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

Your long-term needs looked after.

Once initial rehabilitation plans have been put in place to assist in your immediate needs, a more long term plan for treatment will need to be set out. This may include surgery and a long term therapy or treatment plan. The cost of this can be recovered where liability is admitted. In addition, where the need for medical assistance is going to continue beyond the settlement of your claim Glaisyers are experts in calculating future medical treatment costs and ensuring these are recovered – so you will always be looked after. This can include money for adaptations needed to your home in an effort to preserve your independence and even the cost of future care. 

We have a network of experts whom we can look to in order to assist us in investigating any area of potential loss to ensure that no stone is left unturned.