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Accidents outside your home

Sometimes accidents are just that!

There’s simply no one to blame, but if you’ve had an accident outside of your home (but not at work) and there was negligence you could be owed compensation.

If you’re visiting somewhere – this could be a shop, supermarket, office or hotel (just to name a few) – they have an obligation to make sure it’s safe

Most often, people slip on a spilled substance or lose their footing because of a tripping hazard, but we have also had experience of visitors falling off designated walkways, having things fall onto them and being run over by internal vehicles such as fork-lift trucks. In all instances, if you’ve been injured because of a lack of care, then you have the right to make a claim.

In many cases this is called Occupiers Liability and is most often covered by insurance. However, there is a time limit, so if you’ve had an accident outside your home and it was not your fault our team can advise you as to whether you’re entitled to compensation for any personal injury suffered and associated losses, including rehabilitation and loss of earnings.

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