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Property Disputes

Solving disagreements around your land & home.

No one wants to have an argument on their doorstep, but when it comes to property disputes this is often the case.

As a result, disagreements around property can be extremely stressful, as well as complicated.

Whether it’s with your neighbour next door or someone down the street, unresolved disputes can turn your perfect property into somewhere you can’t wait to get away from. If left unresolved, these types of disputes can quickly escalate, so you should always look to reach an amicable agreement quickly.

While most property disputes can be resolved without legal intervention, this is not always the case. Therefore, if you’re involved in a disagreement, whether as a homeowner, tenant or landlord, you should always speak to an experienced solicitor who can help you navigate this complex area of law.

Our Property Dispute Services

Whatever the type of dispute you’re involved in, our solicitors have the expert knowledge required to reach a resolution. Our property dispute services include:

  • Boundaries/fences/walls
  • Rights of way/access
  • Shared amenities
  • Hedges and overgrown trees
  • Claims to force or avoid the sale of a property (Order for Sale)
  • Financial/mortgage interests in property under Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (ToLATA)
  • Recovery of land or premises from unlawful occupiers or squatters
  • Lease disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes

Have a legal expert by your side.

While property disputes can appear simple on the surface, the law they are based on is actually very complex. Therefore, having a legal expert on your side can be the difference between securing a successful resolution and settling for an unsuccessful one.

At Glaisyers, our dispute resolution solicitors give you clear, practical advice tailored to your individual case. From day one you’ll have easy access to an expert solicitor who will take you through the dispute process and explain all the legal options available to you.

Where court action is unavoidable, we’ll help you build a strong case based on solid evidence and ensure all court documents are submitted correctly. That way, you can take some of the stress out of your property dispute and rest easy knowing a resolution is just around the corner.

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