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Helping protect your assets and interests.

Planning for your future can be difficult, especially when some things can be complete unknowns.

Making your wishes known so that they can be followed after your death is an important part of the planning. You may think your family knows what you want, but without a will families can be thrown into dispute, especially when it comes to dividing the estate. Discussing your wishes with a solicitor will allow them to create a will unique to your requirements.

A will lets you nominate the people you would like to be executors, giving them authority to distribute your estate among your beneficiaries following your death. You can appoint guardians for your children, pass on personal belongings or specific amounts of money to charity or to individuals and leave the majority of your estate to your closest family members.

Your will can be used to put assets into a trust to preserve them for future generations and to take advantage of tax allowances and exemptions. Charitable gifts in wills can also reduce the rate of Inheritance Tax on your estate.

If you have assets in another country or family members living abroad, it is important to make sure your will is going to be acceptable in those other jurisdictions, and that assets in other countries will be passed on in the way you want. We can help you identify the most appropriate strategy for dealing with international inheritance issues.

Writing a will should be a detailed process, taking time to understand how assets can be passed on and the options available to you. We offer the following services to help:
  • Will planning
  • Inheritance Tax planning wills
  • Creating charitable legacies
  • Setting up will trusts for asset protection
  • Cross-border will planning for international assets

Why Choose Glaisyers?

Whether you’re passing on your estate, finding the most tax efficient manner to structure your assets or if you need help with assets in another country, seeking the assistance of a solicitor is a must. We are sympathetic to the fact this process may be a difficult one for you to go through, but our friendly team is on hand to help.

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