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Trusts & Estate Planning

Helping you to provide financial care for your family.

We work with our clients to create and manage trusts that are most suited to your situation, so assets can be passed on in the event of your death or within your lifetime in a tax efficient way. 

Trusts can be used in a wide range of circumstances from the ownership of a house to structuring investments or business assets. People who own properties together can put a declaration of trust in place to set out how much of the value of the house each person owns so that it can be divided if you decide to sell in the future. Other types of trust may be appropriate for investments or other assets. Life interest, or Interest in Possession trusts, can be used to give beneficiaries the right to live in a property or receive an income from the trust but without them becoming the owners of the assets. Discretionary trusts can be used to give trustees control over the assets, which can be distributed to ‘potential beneficiaries.’ These beneficiaries don’t have the automatic right to access assets, and the trustees decide who receives them and in what amount.

Trust and asset protection also includes finding the most tax efficient way to pass your assets on. Ownership structures can be used to protect your assets for future generations, and placing your assets in a trust can protect them from being lost if your beneficiaries experience financial difficulties or get divorced.

If you are a trustee or beneficiary under an existing trust we can help you to make sure it is being run correctly and that the beneficiaries are receiving appropriate information and assets.

Trust and asset protection can be complex, but it ensures you and your family will be well cared for financially. We can help by advising on:

  • Interest in Possession trusts
  • Discretionary trusts
  • Declaration of trust for property ownership
  • Trust administration
  • Retirement and appointment of trustees

Why choose Glaisyers?

At Glaisyers, we have years of experience helping clients set up trusts and protect their assets. Our solicitors understand there is a lot of information to take in at the beginning, which is why they will explain things at a pace that suits you, making sure you are fully aware of the conditions of each trust.

We can act as advisors to trustees, giving helpful advice on how to properly manage the assets in a trust, the formalities required to distribute assets to beneficiaries and how to make changes to a trust, such as retiring a trustee and appointing a replacement. If all of this is more responsibility than your family feels comfortable with, we can act as trustee of your estate instead.

You can be confident that the trust and asset protection guidance you receive from us will be right for you. 

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