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Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney name the people you want to make financial and health decisions for you if you can’t decide for yourself.

That way, you ensure someone you trust is in place to act in your best interests. If you own an interest in a business, a separate business lasting power of attorney means your business is looked after too.

There are two types of LPA – one for financial decisions and a separate LPA for health & care. We will help you to identify your priorities in relation to both.

To plan the management of your finances, we will discuss your assets, the decisions you would like your attorneys to be able to make and when they can make those decisions.

If you are making a health LPA, we will discuss the kind of care decisions that may need to be made for you, this will include your wishes regarding medical care, where you live and can include life sustaining medical treatment decisions.

We will prepare draft LPAs tailored to your circumstances and will work with you to sign and validate them. Once everyone has signed the form it must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian before it can be used. We will guide you through this process and, depending on your circumstances, may also act as certificate provider for you.

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Our Lasting Power of Attorney Services.

Putting a lasting power of attorney in place will help give you peace of mind in case you cannot look after your own affairs. We will help you manage:

  • LPAs for property and financial decisions
  • LPAs for health and welfare decisions
  • Business LPAs
  • Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) registration
  • Revocation or replacement of LPAs and EPAs
  • If there are any issues surrounding your capacity to create an LPA we may need to liaise with you and a medical professional to ensure the documents are validly created.
  • Dealing with business interests, you may wish to create a separate business LPA to deal ensure your interest in a business can be managed for you.
  • If your financial affairs are complex we may need to consider bespoke instructions to guide your attorneys.
  • If you have complex health needs or specific treatment wishes we will work with you to reflect your treatment preferences.

We have received the final distribution from the estate. I wish to thank you the team for the excellent service you provided. I deal with many solicitors and the way in which this administration has been dealt with is amongst the best. Legacies left in Wills are a vital source of funding for us and having an administration completed in such a quick and efficient way helps enormously.

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Why choose Glaisyers?

A lasting power of attorney provides you with reassurance in the event you’re unable to make decisions for yourself. That’s why it’s important to find a solicitor who will take the time to understand exactly how you want your affairs to be managed. The only way to ensure your wishes are kept is by finding a solicitor who has years of experience handling LPAs.

We can assist with Enduring Powers of Attorney made before 2007 which are still valid.  If the EPA needs to be used we can help attorneys register it with the Office of the Public Guardian, so they can manage the affairs of someone who is losing capacity.

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