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Leaving Your Employer

Personal advice and support

The members of the our Employment Team have years of experience providing individuals with advice and support in situations where they feel they have been unfairly dismissed, constructively dismissed or the victim of discrimination.

This involves obtaining a detailed understanding of the circumstances and advising you on what options are available to you based upon the outcome you are looking to achieve. We can also advise you on ways of funding any potential claim, the progress involved and helping you to gather the relevant information and evidence at an early stage in order to maximise your prospects of success should you decide to take action.

Victim of unfair treatment?

If you think you have been a victim of unfair treatment and want to obtain more information about the options available to you, get in touch with a member of our Employment Team today.

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Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal is the term used when your employer has treated you so badly your only choice is to resign. This happens one of two ways – either they’ve breached your employment contract – eg: not paying you – or have subjected you to discrimination, bullying or harassment. When this happens you may be entitled to resign and bring a claim. We are able to help you recover compensation, either through negotiations with your former employer or by representing you at an Employment Tribunal. If you’re thinking of resigning from your job as a result of the actions of your employer, speak to us first.

Contract Disputes

It could be that you’re unhappy with the attempts of your employer to change your terms and conditions of employment. Perhaps your employer is trying to deduct money from your wages for something you haven’t agreed to. You could be in dispute over commission or a bonus payment you feel you’re entitled to. Whatever it is, our experienced employment solicitors will take the time to understand your situation and advise you on the best course of action.


We can explain what rights you have and the obligations of your employer in relation to redundancy. If you are selected for redundancy we can advise you on what redundancy pay you’re entitled to and help you negotiate the best compensation package for you. If you believe your employer’s decision to make you redundant is unfair, we can also advise you on your options.

Restrictive Covenants

Restrictive covenants are used by employers to restrict what you can do for a certain period of time after termination of your employment. They are often used in employment contracts, but can be found in other policy documents. They may include “non-compete” and “non-deal” clauses which prevent you from competing with your employer or dealing with certain individuals or companies. While they are legal, if they go too far in restricting trade they may be unenforceable. We can help you respond to any claims from a former employer who is suggesting you’re in breach, and we’ll work hard to negotiate an outcome which enables you to continue to work.

Settlement Agreement

A settlement agreement is a contract used to record the terms of a person’s departure from their employer, usually used by employers when faced with a dispute involving a member of staff. By signing a settlement agreement, an employee agrees to give up any right to sue their employer in return for the employer paying a sum of money (a Termination Payment). In order for the agreement to be binding, the employee must obtain advice from an independent solicitor. Being experienced in this area our team can advise you on how to secure the best possible terms for the employer.