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Your rights as an employee

It is vital that you follow the correct procedures.

Seeking advice from an employment law solicitor should be your first step if you’re dealing with an issue at work. Our employment team have spent years working with clients towards the best resolution for them, providing clear and straightforward advice. 

Incidents in the workplace can leave you feeling stressed and emotionally drained. We will fight your corner no matter what the issue. 

“I was anxious to leave the business but I didn’t want to ‘sell myself short’. Glaisyers helped formulate a strategy to elicit an offer from my employer and negotiate the most favourable terms possible. Sarah gave me a wealth of advice and for that I am sincerely grateful”


Disciplinary Meeting

The threat of disciplinary action has a significant impact on your ability to do your job. Whether it’s allegations of misconduct, poor performance or absenteeism, we can provide support and advice to help you prepare for the meeting. We’ll also guide you through the whole process ensuring your employer is following the correct procedures. If it becomes necessary, we can also help you put together any appeal against your employer’s decision, advising you on an Employment Tribunal claim.

Grievance & Complaints

It can be difficult to complain to your employer about a situation at work. It takes strength and confidence to speak up no matter what the issue you’re experiencing. We’ve worked with clients, giving them advice on pay or working arrangements, work related stress, discrimination, bullying or harassment complaints and health and safety issues. Our team is here to help you deal with the grievance formally or informally – explaining the process, drafting your letter and reviewing your employer’s response.

Maternity & Family Rights

The law relating to family rights has changed a great deal over the last couple of years. Employees are now entitled to a wide range of enhanced rights and benefits. These are available to mothers and fathers as shared parental leave. In addition to leave following a birth parents now have the right to request flexible working and take time off to care for dependants in the event of an emergency.  

Whistle Blowing

If you’re considering disclosing wrongdoing or dangerous practices in your place of work, it’s important that you take legal advice before, rather than after, the event in order to maximise your chances of being protected. However, if you’ve already made the disclosure and feel you’ve suffered unfair treatment as a result, then you could be entitled to make a claim against your employers.