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Protecting Vulnerable Adults

Safeguarding the health and welfare of your loved ones.

Protect your loved ones.

If someone close to you is losing the ability to make decisions, or to understand risks to their finances or personal welfare, it is natural that you will want to make sure they are protected. A solicitor specialising in elderly client and mental capacity law will help you navigate these problems and protect the best interests of the person you are concerned about.

A person must always be treated as being able to make their own decisions, even if these are unwise, unless it is established that they don’t have mental capacity to make the specific decision at the time it needs to be made. This will affect financial and health or welfare decisions. 

If you think someone is struggling to make an appropriate decision or is at risk of being influenced by someone else we can help you work out if you can intervene for the person’s own protection. 

Our Private Client Services

The protection of vulnerable adults covers a wide range of criteria. Some of the main services we can assist you with include:

Court of Protection applications for deputyship

Power of Attorney planning

Revocation and replacement of LPAs

Court of Protection applications for replacement of attorney or deputy

Appointed under a Lasting Power of Attorney

If you are appointed under a Lasting Power of Attorney for financial or welfare matters you might be able to make the decisions if you can confirm the person lacks capacity. If there isn’t a Power of Attorney or if it doesn’t give you authority to do what you think is necessary you may have to apply to the Court of Protection. 

Sometimes an Attorney or Deputy, or another person, tries to influence a vulnerable person’s decisions or does something that is not in their best interests. Our experienced solicitors can help you to identify risks to a vulnerable adult and help you take steps to protect them. We can help you to intervene or report financial abuse and to recover assets that may have been lost or taken by someone else. We have helped families apply to the Court of Protection for removal of Attorneys or Deputies who were not acting appropriately and to recover assets. Reports to social services, the Office of Public Guardian or the Court of Protection may be appropriate to protect a vulnerable adult. 

Whatever circumstances you are facing, and whether you are already appointed to make decisions, want to be appointed or are a concerned relative or friend we will work with you to protect the vulnerable person you are worried about.

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