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28 August 2018

Know your client……

Posted by: Alison Rocca

Every client and every business is unique. As a solicitor it is part of your job to know your client and understand their business. This recent article in the press really brings that home.“BrewDog, the self-described “punk” beer company, has backed down in a row over the name of a family-run pub, blaming “trigger-happy” lawyers for the legal action. The brother-and-sister team behind the Wolf pub in Birmingham were forced to drop their original plan to name the establishment the Lone Wolf, after receiving a legal warning from BrewDog, which has launched a spirit bearing the same name.BrewDog founder James Watt announced a change of heart on Monday after being accused of acting like “just another multinational corporate machine”.

Watt tweeted: Our lawyers got a bit trigger happy. We are happy for the Lone Wolf Bar in Birmingham to keep using the name. Watt added: “Although they wear suits and are mostly sensible folks, lawyers can sometimes go a bit crazy and forget the kind of business we are and how we behave. They are sorry for their actions...”
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