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Debt Recovery

Helping to recover money owed to you

Cash flow is the number one problem businesses face. Waiting too long for payment or customers disputing invoices is regrettably common.  To make sure these issues are resolved quickly and economically, you need the help of an experienced law firm that specialises in debt recovery services.

We understand that often cases have unique issues that need to be addressed and that in some industries there are additional levers that can be used to get paid quickly, which is why we tailor our debt recovery services to you. 

Our Debt Recovery Services

No matter what stage of the debt recovery process you’re at, having a solicitor handle the situation for you will result in a much smoother resolution. The services we offer include:

  • Advising on practical steps you can take to get paid
  • Sending pre-action letters
  • Issuing court proceeding
  • Using insolvency procedures to demand payment
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We are also on hand to help with the enforcement of judgements:

Instructing high court enforcement officers and county court bailiffs

Charging order proceedings

Order of sale proceedings

Attachment of earnings orders

Third party debt recovery

Order to attend court for questioning

Why Choose Glaisyers?

Glaisyers have been supporting a wide variety of businesses with their cash flow issues in this way for over 40 years. We know all of the procedures and tricks (both industry-specific and generally) that can be deployed in these matters.