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Employee Management

Your employees are vital to the success of your business.

Maintaining a great working relationship with employees is key to managing issues that may arise. It’s also important to be prepared, procedurally, for when challenges do come up. Having the right systems in place allows for things to be handled smoothly, timely and reduces the risk of the situation resulting in a legal battle. Employees are also increasingly aware of their rights and the obligation on employers to have appropriate procedures in place.

HR Training Workshops

We deliver training courses that provide both legal and practical guidance on a wide range of employment law issues. Our courses are delivered by experienced trainers and are suitable for business owners, directors, HR Managers and other individuals responsible for handling HR matters within their organisation.

We also offer bespoke training workshops which can be delivered either at our office or at our clients’ premises. These sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and can be delivered as a half day or full day course.

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Grievance Handling

It is important you have a system in place allowing you to deal with any grievance robustly whilst still maintaining a productive relationship with staff. Our team is experienced in helping with the investigation, gathering evidence and assisting with any appeal. We also regularly draft and review grievance policies, as well as drafting of invitation and outcome letters ensuring you follow the correct procedures when handling a grievance on behalf of a member of staff. 


Discrimination is a complex area of employment law and, as an employer, your obligations regarding the handling of staff and managing the actions and behaviour of your workforce, can create concerns when things go wrong. Our experienced lawyers can help if you are facing a discrimination complaint or looking at taking a decision with a discriminatory element and wish to understand your options, or if you simply wish to check that your current policies and procedures are compliant and up to date.

Flexible Working & Family Rights

The law relating to family rights has changed a great deal over the last couple of years. Employees are now entitled to a wide range of enhanced rights and benefits. These are available to mothers and fathers as shared parental leave. In addition to leave following a birth parents now have the right to request flexible working and take time off to care for dependants in the event of an emergency. 

Sickness & Absence Management

Long term or persistent short term staff absence can cause significant problems for employers. It could be that you have concerns about the frequency or duration of the absence of an employee. You may be unsure how to deal with disciplining a staff member who hasn’t followed the correct reporting procedure. Long term absence can also lead to questioning an employee’s ability to carry out their role in the long term. We can advise you on handling each step of the process and if it becomes a bigger issue.