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Selling Your Business

As a business owner you spend years nurturing your business- seeing it through every milestone – a roller coaster of a journey.

Now you’re considering selling. What are your options?

There are many things you will need to consider. If you’re one of the number of owners, others may have some say on how you sell your shares. It’s also important to remember the value of the business can be impacted by factors out of your control. This is why having trusted legal advisors is vital to a successful sale.

Our team works with you to maximise your sale proceeds, get the most advantageous tax treatment and minimise any liability you have after completion of the sale. As advisors we’re not just here to do the paperwork. Our experience and expertise can help guide you through initial discussions and due diligence by the buyer followed by negotiations. If you’re struggling to find a buyer, we can help there too. Our extensive network of contacts is a great resource for our clients.

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