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Growing Your Business by Acquisition.

Business is flourishing. It’s meeting all its milestones. Everything is going to plan. You’re now looking at growth options.

The first question is how do you want to grow. Are you thinking you’ll continue your plan and grow organically? Or buy another business, maybe a competitor, and grow that way? How about looking at complimentary services or products and acquiring a business that provides those?

Our corporate team is here to help you consider your options and put together a plan of action.

They’ll walk you through every step, including understanding exactly what it is you’re buying; how much you’re paying for it; and solutions just in case it doesn’t turn out how you expected.

A lot will depend on whether you are buying or investing and we are here to offer our experience and expertise through the process. 

  • Advise on the legal structuring of any acquisition or investment. For example;
  • Should the acquisition be made by way of purchase of assets or purchase of a company/LLP?
  • Is completion dependent on any external factor, such as regulatory consent?
  • Should some consideration be deferred?
  • Should it be conditional on post completion performance of the business?
  • If the Seller requires security of deferred consideration, can you and should you agree to that?
  • Advise, carry out and report on the target business by doing a due diligence process. We have the necessary skills and experience to do most of this, but there are some specialist areas where we may recommend external advice if the matter could be significant, such as foreign law, tax, pensions, financial regulation. We will identify, instruct and liaise with the necessary specialists to ensure that their work is carried out satisfactorily and their work integrated into our own.
  • Draft and negotiate the purchase agreement, and all the other agreements which are necessary for a business acquisition.
  • Manage the legal process of completion.

We’re not just here to help with the paperwork.

Over the years we’ve built an extensive network of contacts, so we can also put you in touch with corporate financiers who can find you a business to buy.