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Inheritance dispute

Sensitive family dispute in relation to inheritance under a Will.

What was our clients situation?

Our client was involved in a close family dispute following the death of a family member.

What did we do?

This was a challenging case which had to be handled sensitively. This is a case which shows that family comes first and when dealing with cases between family members it is important to try and reach a quick and amicable resolution to maintain relationships.

Need client quote – the case was settled.

Our client

We know that buying a property is a big investment, whether you are purchasing a home for yourself or as an investment. We are highly experienced in all aspects of land law and conveyancing and we’re on hand to offer a professional, friendly service.

About Us

Our dispute resolution solicitors understand that as much as you hate to be embroiled in a dispute, sometimes its unavoidable. And when a dispute does arise, we know how important it is to get straightforward, no nonsense advice.

We can’t stop the dispute happening in the first place, but we’ll go out of our way to make sure that it’s resolved to your satisfaction in the quickest, most cost effective manner possible.


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