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Civil Partners and Same Sex Couples

Ensuring your loved ones are provided for in the future

At Glaisyers we understand that you and your partner want to provide for each other. With our reputation as gay friendly solicitors in Manchester city centre we will treat you with respect regardless of your relationship status or background.

Civil partners and married couples have a legal right to inherit from each other and any inheritance is tax free. Any wills you made in the past would have been cancelled by your civil partnership or marriage. You need to make sure your wills are up to date so that your partner and family are protected.

If you and your partner are not married or civil partners you can’t inherit from each other automatically. We can help you make wills to provide for each other and avoid any unnecessary stress if one of you dies.

If you have children, either together or from previous relationship, you will need to think about appointing guardians to look after them and the best way to provide for them financially. Our understanding wills specialists can help you make sure your children are protected if you die.

You might not know who you want to leave your money to. If you don’t have close family you could give it to friends or charities, our Wills specialists can help you make those difficult decisions.

Why Glaisyers?

Our team of solicitors are open, honest, caring and down-to-earth, and come from all walks of life. We love make things simple and straightforward, so promise not to bamboozle you with legal jargon or bore you with stuffy language.

We take the time to discuss your case so that throughout your journey with us, you always feel welcome and relaxed.

We are a reputable firm among the LGBT community and feature on

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