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Probate and Inheritance Disputes

Supporting you through complications after a loved one has died

At Glaisyers we know that there can be problems if someone dies and their will or the law doesn’t provide for their partner or family. If there is a problem with the person’s will, or if the law doesn’t let someone inherit, our Probate solicitors will work with you to find a way to resolve the problem.

You might not be able to inherit if you have been left out of a will deliberately or accidentally, or if the person didn’t make a will and you can’t inherit under the intestacy law. Whatever the circumstances, if you depended on the person who has died our Probate specialists will help you make a claim for reasonable financial provision from their estate.

If you are dealing with someone’s financial affairs after they died and someone brings a claim, our Probate specialists will help you to work out what you need to do to deal with the problem.

A claim doesn’t have to turn into an argument, but sometimes it might have to be decided by the Court if the people involved can’t find a solution themselves. Our Probate and Dispute resolution specialists will support you to take the stress out of each stage of the claim and help you work out what your options are.

Why Glaisyers?

Specialists from our Private Client and Dispute Resolution teams work in close association to bring you sound legal guidance when you need it most.

Chris Burrows, our Head of Private Client, is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

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