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Arranging the affairs of a loved one after they have died

At Glaisyers we know that the law can seem confusing if someone didn’t make a will before they died. We can help you make sure the person’s finances are dealt with properly and our sympathetic Probate solicitors will get to know you so that we can make the process less stressful for you.

When someone hasn’t made a Will, they are said to have died Intestate. Their estate will be divided between members of their family according to rules originally made in 1925.

The person’s spouse or blood relatives may be able to inherit. But couples who weren’t married can’t automatically inherit from each other. The person’s friends or ‘in-laws’ aren’t entitled to inherit anything either.

One of the people who can inherit will need to apply to the Court for permission to deal with the person’s assets. We will help you to work out who is entitled to inherit the estate and take the stress out of making the Court application.

Sometimes there can be problems when the amount of money a spouse can inherit is limited by the law. You might have to share the estate with children or other members of the family. If you are worried that you haven’t been provided for properly our Probate experts can help you make a claim against the estate.

For more information on our services and pricing, please visit the Prices and Services Information page of our website where you will find a guide on how we can assist in probate matters.

Call our Probate specialists on 0161 832 4666 or complete the online enquiry form and one of our team will get in touch for a no obligation chat. Our specialist Probate solicitors will listen to your concerns and work with you to make sure the estate is passed on to the people entitled to receive it.

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