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Making sure you and your partner have the best arrangements in place to provide for each other

A ‘common-law spouse’ doesn’t have any rights to inherit if their partner dies. Our specialists here at Glaisyers will get to know you and your partner and help you make sure there won’t be problems if one of you dies.

When someone dies there can be stress and delay if family members have to argue about who should inherit because the law doesn’t allow people who are living together to inherit from each other automatically. We can help you make a will to protect the people you want to provide for.

If your partner has children, either with you or from a previous relationship, they could inherit your partners’ money leaving nothing for you. If this happens you might have to ask a Court to decide if some of it can be given to you instead.

Your Will might be completely out of date if you haven’t looked at it recently. If you have never made a Will before your money could pass to distant relatives, or even to the crown. Our friendly solicitors will help you work out who you want to give your money to and the best way to do it.

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