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Administration of Estates

Arranging the affairs of a loved one after they have died

Probate during Coronavirus Pandemic.

We continue to provide an expert wills service. This is not affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

If a relative or friend has died we can guide you through every step of the process of dealing with their estate, from assisting with the funeral arrangements and payment, through to distributing their belongings and money.

A lot of people are concerned that they can’t get legal help during the coronavirus pandemic but our probate service is running as usual using video calls, phone and email to help you, instead of face to face meetings.

The Coronavirus Act 2020 has made temporary changes to the law which will affect the registration of deaths and some funeral arrangements. Please contact us for information about how this may affect you.

Our Probate experts can guide you through the process of valuing the estate and making the application to Court for probate, including dealing with the inheritance tax return.

We want to work with you to avoid any additional distress in dealing with your loved one’s estate, despite the restrictions caused by Covid-19.

At Glaisyers we know it is hard to start thinking about finances when someone has died. Our sympathetic Probate experts will guide you through the steps you need to take to deal with everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When a person dies someone will have to wind up their financial affairs, this process is generally known as ‘Probate’. It involves working out what they own, how much it’s worth, paying any debts and passing the money on to the people inheriting it.

There are three main stages in dealing with the person’s estate:

  1. The house, bank accounts and other assets need to be valued and any tax paid
  2. The Court authorises someone to deal with the estate by issuing a “Grant of Representation”
  3. The assets can be sold or transferred to the beneficiaries.


The process will be slightly different if the person has made a will:

  • When a person has died
  • Probate
  • Intestacy


Our experienced Probate specialists are able to answer any questions you have and will take the stress out of dealing with the estate. For more information on our services and pricing, please visit the Prices and Services Information page of our website where you will find a guide on how we can assist in probate matters.


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