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Making a Trust

At Glaisyers, we understand there are many different reasons for creating a trust. You might want to make the most of tax exemptions, set money aside for the future, or make sure that people you care about are provided for.

Trusts can be used to provide for vulnerable people who might not be able to cope with managing money if you gave it to them personally and let you keep some control over the way the assets are used.

Whatever the reason you want to organise your financial affairs in this way, we’re here to help. We’ve vast experience in all aspects of the creation of trusts, and can offer you clear, straightforward advice on the best way forward for you. We’ll help you to decide how much money, or which of your assets to put into the trust and who will benefit.

We’ll explain how a trust can be started with as little as £10 and more money or assets can be added to it in the future. How gifts of cash might incur an inheritance tax charge but trusts that are used to hold business assets are inheritance tax free.

We’ll talk you through discretionary trusts and how they can be used to nominate a group of people who can receive money from the trust if the trustees, who are in charge of managing the trust fund, decide that they need it. In addition, we’ll explain all about life interest trust s, designed to give a person an income during their lifetime and, when they die, to other people you have named.

In short, we’ll go the extra mile for you, doing everything we can to help and making sure of the best outcome for you and your beneficiaries.

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