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Life Interest Trusts

Providing for loved ones and protecting your assets

A life interest trust lets one person benefit while they are alive but ensures that other people will receive the money when the first beneficiary dies. The lifetime beneficiary (known as the life tenant) can receive income or live in a property but they don’t get to own it themselves.

Our Trust experts can help you to create a trust during your lifetime or through your Will. Life interest trusts are useful if you want to provide for someone, but want to make sure you control who inherits it in the end.

We often include life interest trusts in couples’ wills so that when one spouse dies, the surviving person is provided for but the assets are protected for the children. If you have children from previous marriages, or if you are concerned that all the money might be spent leaving nothing for your children, our friendly Trust experts will help you work out whether a trust is right for you.

Trusts are really flexible and will let you decide who will manage the money for you, who will receive it and when. Whatever your circumstances we will help find the solution to meet your needs.

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