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Declarations of Trust

Protecting an individuals contribution in property

We understand that buying a property with someone else is a big commitment and it is important that ownership shares are known from the outset.

Our friendly and passionate team here at Glaisyers have vast experience in informing co-owners as to how this can be done and prepare the appropriate legal documents, tailored to your circumstances.

You can make a declaration of trust to set out how much of a property’s value belongs to each person. If you are buying a house with your partner, or if you are helping your child buy their first home you can use a declaration of trust to agree how much of the property you each own and how it would be divided if you sell in the future.

Declarations of trust are very flexible and basically put your agreement to own the property together on a formal footing. It won’t change the day to day ownership but it means all owners will know where they stand when you sell.

Whatever your circumstances our approachable solicitors will get to know you and your needs to help you to find an agreement that is right for you.

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