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The Information You Need

Helpful information for you and your business during the Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time of uncertainty there are a million new questions that are being asked on topics that some people and businesses would never have imagined facing.

This page is our hub of information from our solicitors and partners of anything that might be useful for you, your family and your business during this time. If you have any questions, contact information is included for our key people. If you are looking for another member of staff, please visit the Our People page of the website.

Employment – Employee issues caused by employee absences, isolation, redundancy and remote working.

Russell Brown, Head of Employment

T 0161 833 5667

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Litigation – Late payment of debts, disputes with suppliers and customers

David Jones, Head of Litigation

T 0161 833 5675

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Insolvency problems

Daniel Fitzgerald, Partner – Insolvency and Litigation

T 0161 833 6968


Commercial Property – issues with your business property, including problems with Landlords or Tenants

Ross Wellman, Partner – Property

T 0161 833 5695

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Corporate/Commercial – your company’s governance, activity and growth, including renegotiating contracts with suppliers and customers

Julian Bond, Head of Corporate and Commercial

T 0161 833 5664

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Private Client – preparing for the future and looking after vulnerable/elderly relatives

Chris Burrows, Head of Private Clients

T 0161 833 5694

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Residential Conveyancing – Completing residential transactions that other solicitors no longer have the capability to do

Tom Simpson, Head of Residential Conveyancing

T 0161 833 6994

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