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Nursing Home Fees

Working with you to ensure your nursing home fees are paid with be best source of funds

At Glaisyers we know that nursing home fees are great concern for many families. Our Elderly client specialists can help you to work out whether you will have to pay residential or nursing fees and the affect this will have on your assets.

You might be worried that your home will have to be sold if you require care. Sometimes this does happen, but our approachable solicitors will help you work out whether your income from private pensions or savings will be enough so that you don’t have to touch the value of your home.

If an elderly person or a dependant relative lives with you, the local authority might not be able allowed to consider the value of your home when they work out how much you have to pay for care.

We are often asked whether you can avoid nursing home fees by giving away your home or putting it in a trust. If you give away your home or other assets to claim full fees from the local authority they might be able to overturn the arrangement. The gift might also affect your Inheritance tax allowance. Our specialist solicitors can help you identify any problems you might face if you give assets away.

If you want to keep your home but need to unlock some of its value, or to receive an income from it, our property experts can help you to deal with an equity release loan, or advise you about renting out your property.

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