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Child Bike Accidents

As our roads are busier than ever, letting our kids out on their bikes is a worry these days. But our children have a right to be allowed to play and explore the world around them and the law expects them to be less careful than adults. That’s why other road users are expected to always take greater care if there are children on bikes nearby.

If your child has been injured whilst riding their bike, then we’re here to offer support and advice. If you’re not sure how the accident happened, we’ll help you to find out by using accident reconstruction experts and contacting witnesses. Even if an uninsured driver caused the accident, or the driver left the scene without giving their details, we can still help.

Whatever the circumstances, our friendly, professional experts will take the time to listen and understand your child’s situation, before giving clear, straightforward advice.

Our dedicated child injury lawyers have vast experience of helping children following a bicycle accident. You can be sure we will get the maximum compensation your child deserves and give them the best chance of recovery. We’re committed to putting your child at the heart of everything we do and making the whole claims process as easy and stress free as possible.

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