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Landlord and Tenant

Are you interested in letting out your property to tenants? Maybe you are considering investing in a property belonging to another person. In either of these scenarios, you will definitely require the legal services of an expert landlord tenancy solicitor.

Glaisyers Solicitors is a respected law firm based out of Manchester, from where we extend our impeccable legal services through a team of expert solicitors who are highly qualified to handle tenancy matters.

When you come to Glaisyers, you will benefit from a team of legal professionals who possess masses of experience in representing both tenants and landlords. Glaisyers prides itself on more than 40 years of operating experience, allowing us to gather the expertise to deal with most, if not all types of tenancies. Our clients include prominent retailers and commercial investors, as well as landlords around Manchester and further afield.

Our law firm possesses the required resources to enable any of our tenancy lawyers to deliver favourable deadlines. We promise a diligent legal service that guarantees care for your home and/or business tenancy. We are able to handle any tenancy project for any client, be it a small business or large corporation, thanks to our expertise and experience. Below are some of the areas within the tenancy sector that our landlord tenancy solicitors guarantee:

  • Assured tenancies
  • Dispute resolution
  • Lease negotiation and renewal
  • Service charge recovery
  • Rent reviews and pursuit of arrears

At Glaisyers Solicitors, we devise approaches to suit each client’s needs. We know that the law governing tenancy is complex, so when you come to us, we will provide a tenancy lawyer who will give details of what is required of you in the most understandable way. Our landlord tenancy solicitors will handle this highly specialised legal area while keeping you in the know with regular updates. Our tenancy lawyers will avoid the confusing legal jargon and support you in handling all of the key matters pertaining to the tenancy.

We have a reputation as a professional and friendly legal advisor, with our property lawyers able to offer legal services in the most conducive environment. In addition to our friendliness, we ensure our professionals deliver quality legal guidance. We will work closely with you and will immerse ourselves into the details of your tenancy to ensure we mitigate potential legal risks.

Our expertise involves handling all tenancy matters for tenants and landlords. If you’re looking for a landlord lawyer who will deal with all your legal questions and provide excellent legal advice, Glaisyers Solicitors are an ideal fit. Our landlord tenancy solicitors can represent you in offices, warehouses, retail shops, industrial lettings and other workplaces. Get in touch with our team today by phone or email to see if we’re the right fit for your tenancy.


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