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Family Law

Family life can be complicated, but our friendly family law solicitors are here to help

At Glaisyers we know that family life can be complicated. Whether you are in the early stages of your relationship and want to have a clear financial agreement, or if your relationship is breaking down we are here to help.

Our friendly and pragmatic solicitors will talk to you about your concerns and work out how best we can help you. Some of the matters we can help with include:

  • Declaration of trust/property ownership advice – so that arrangements are clear from the outset about how your assets are owned.
  • Will planning – ‘holding wills’ while divorce proceedings and financial negotiations are taking place; and providing advice on appointing guardians for children
  • Conveyancing – sale or transfer of property following a divorce
  • Business planning – advising on ownership of business and the effects of divorce on a shareholder or director

When you contact us we will ask you to tell us:

  • A brief description of your problem
  • Your contact details, including the best phone number to contact you on


At Glaisyers we will always help where we can. In some cases, where we can’t deal with your family law enquiry ourselves, we will refer you to a trusted independent solicitor who specialises in the particular area you need.

If you would like to instruct us, please contact Nick Johnson on

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