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Family friendly rights and discrimination

Discrimination is a complex area of employment law and, as an employer, your obligations regarding the handling of staff and managing the actions and behaviour of your workforce, can create concerns when things go wrong.

We know that because we help lots of employers protect themselves from the risks of discrimination related complaints on a daily basis.

We have a strong understanding of the law and keep up to date with the latest developments. We are also very experienced at advising how to comply with the various obligations the law creates in order to minimise the risk of complaints from staff. We are also experienced in helping clients defend themselves against complaints of discrimination in the Employment Tribunals. We do this by providing clear straightforward practical advice aimed at simplifying rules which at times can be complicated.

We regularly draft and review policies and procedures on behalf of clients and provide training to those with responsibility for ensuring a policy of equality throughout their organisation better placing them to defend claims should they arise.

If you are facing a discrimination complaint or looking at taking a decision with a discriminatory element and wish to understand your options or if you simply wish to check that your current policies and procedures are compliant and up to date please feel free to contact a member of our Employment Team who will be happy to guide and assistance you through the process.

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